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By Amber

Adding value for your prospective renters is a great way to entice them to become long-term residents. One powerful way to target your customer service is to provide free, helpful services up front, like moving tips.

Why not become the friendly expert who generously provides this information? We’ll show you how!

Make your website an information portal
The first step in creating an image as a landlord who provides a lot more than just a place to live is to make your website content-rich. Creating a moving section on your site offers residents and prospects how-to’s that might include packing advice, and ways to find and hire movers. You might include, for instance, a list of movers that your current residents have found reliable in the past or who are trusted business partners. You might also wish to write or link to valuable articles on other aspects of moving, such as:

  • A moving timeline or checklist
  • Tips on saying goodbye to friends or helping children cope with the moving transition
  • How to move with pets

The more thoughtful and accurate the moving advice you can provide, the more impressed prospects will likely be.

Offer neighborhood insights
Sharing details about your city’s various neighborhoods is very helpful for prospective residents, especially those from out of town. Include photographs, history, general demographics and fun things to see and do there. Your visitors will see you as a trusted source of local information, which is a great foundation for a long-term relationship. In the process, you can also play up the strongest points of your various property locations.

Whether your site’s visitors are locals or new to town, everyone enjoys shortcuts to find the best that a city has to offer. That’s why creating your own “best of” section (or linking to someone else’s respected version) is a great idea. Think about these categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail shopping
  • Theaters and museums
  • Car repair and other services

You will impress your readers with the time and trouble you took to locate this valuable information for them.

Get people talking
The more conversation you can encourage on your website in reader comments, the more your prospective residents will enjoy a sense of community. Use your social media outlets, as well, to keep residents informed and to communicate with them frequently. You may be surprised how simple, straightforward topics generate excitement and response.

Providing moving tips and useful local advice to prospective residents is a great way to help them – even before they become your clients! Build credibility and good will today with great content provided on your website.

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