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By Amber

Sending out a community newsletter by email is a great way to keep your presence top-of-mind with renters and also keep them informed about policies, property upgrades, availability and relevant news.

How do you make sure your residents read and care about your content, rather than leave your emails unopened?

Ahead, we offer strategies to keep your renters eager to hear from you.

Go for the eye candy
When creating a community newsletter, there is no substitute for a clean design with arresting color combinations. In fact, the best information in the world will be overlooked if your newsletter isn’t worth looking at. Break text into readable blocks so that the content isn’t overwhelming for the readers, and use images appropriately to add appeal and illustrate points. Ask yourself if the newsletter looks good enough for the reader to want to keep it close at hand, maybe even on their refrigerator.

Ideally, you want your newsletter to grab the reader’s attention. Using your desktop publishing program, look for one template which you can customize with your content. Add your property logo, and use complementary logo colors to lend a professional sense to the design.

Make the content count
A feature story which highlights residents in each newsletter can be appealing, as well. New residents and long-renting ones appreciate recognition, as well as residents who have contributed to the community through volunteering efforts, for instance. The most relevant information you can provide is about your renters!

Sure, it’s important to include updates about your properties, such as improvements and new availabilities, but what really captures your readers’ attention is news they can use every day. This includes information on issues that affect the larger community, like new city development, business openings and closings, school districting, voting and weather-related issues. Don’t be afraid to link to other sites that offer relevant information, such as your local Patch site, The Weather Channel, or any health/business/or real estate news that your readers might find enriching.

Offer contests and coupons
Time-sensitive content that gives your residents something they want, such as a chance to win a prize or a coupon for local retail redemption, will likely get their attention. Readers need to take some kind of action to get the return they want, either by entering a contest or printing a coupon. That action gives them a reason to hold on to your email newsletter.

Be social about it
Always have your newsletter push to your social media outlets, as well as your main site. Provide links to all the platforms that you use, including motivation to visit. The prize incentive mentioned above might be payoff for “liking” you on Facebook, for instance.

Sending a newsletter is an important way to keep in touch with your renters. When you take the time to make your newsletters valuable to your readers, you’ll build good feelings among residents in your rental community.

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