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Rental's Tips, Renter's Corner

By Amber

Make the most of your corner of the great outdoors with these tips to personalize your patio.

You may like spending time on your patio space so well you don’t want to go back inside!

How’s the weather?
Before you create a plan for your patio, take its temperature. Is it super-hot or shady? Will you be looking to create cooling shadows or use up every bit of sunlight? The kind of sun or shade you receive will influence your decorations, furnishings and any plants you want to cultivate.

A place to relax
Whether your patio is a spot to sunbathe, hide under an umbrella or seek shelter in the shade, plan your furnishings accordingly. An umbrella or sunshade is a great addition if your porch is a hotspot, as is a portable fan.

If your patio gets too hot, it may become a favorite evening locale. Small strings of light can add a romantic touch, as can a chimenea to keep you cozy outdoors in any season.

A comfortable lounge or deep chair with an outdoor cushion makes a great place to curl up. Add a table for drinks and food, or a picnic table if you have friends and family who love to eat outside.

Create a garden oasis
Potted gardening of any variety is a wonderful way to beautify your porch and stock your kitchen with fresh herbs and vegetables without the headaches of hoeing and weeding.

Add decorative pots around the border of your patio for a lush border that can even provide some privacy, if your plants grow tall enough. Potted palms are a great way to create a green screen around your private paradise.

If you don’t get much sun on your patio, you can pack it full of pots of shade-loving plants and herbs. A sun-drenched patio or porch, however, might call for pots of vegetables and bright flowers.

Add personal touches
Whether you collect garden gnomes or metal garden sculpture, add favorite knick knacks to your patio area. Surround yourself with items that make you feel good to be outdoors, such as bird feeders and birdhouses. You could even turn your patio into a prime bird-watching spot to boot.

Our outdoor spaces often provide us with a broader pallet than the insides of our homes. Feel free to grow your favorite flowers in an old boot, create an herb garden in a teapot, or set up a shuffleboard set. Make your outdoor patio or porch area somewhere you love to spend your free time!

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