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By Amber

The holiday season brings great distractions: home decorations, travel and family time spent together. With the fun and occasional stresses of all this activity, a few rental home safety precautions are in order.

Read on for tips you can give your residents to help them stay happy and healthy by practicing seasonal safety. You’ll let them know you’re thinking about their well-being — while safeguarding your rental properties at the same time!

Keeping bright and warm
Keeping a seasonal indoor tree watered will not only help it last longer, but make it safer; dry trees can more easily catch fire under the heat of lights. Outdoor lights need an extension cord that can handle the power load and the weather. Remind residents to use insulated tape or plastic clips instead of metal nails or tacks to hold them in place. Always turn lights out before going to bed. Remind your residents to ensure that strands of lights don’t have any tears in their cords, and that there are no empty sockets to shock unsuspecting fingers.

Candles are a traditional way to decorate tabletops. Remind residents not to leave them unattended and to keep open flame away from curtains and other fabric. Always make sure that candles and matches are out of the reach of children. You might mention that battery-powered candles are a great way to achieve the warm glow without the worry.

Also, urge caution with fireplaces. If you make the one in your property available for use, have the chimney regularly cleaned. Remind residents to make sure that gas fireplaces are turned off completely when not in use. If they use space heaters to take the chill off, urge them to purchase models which shut off automatically and to keep the unit away from any obstructions. Double-check that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

Leaving an empty home
Heading out of town to visit others is a common way to celebrate the holidays, but can leave your properties open to theft. Remind residents to stop newspaper and mail delivery or have a neighbor collect these items for them. Also encourage them to leave lights on or, better yet, place certain lights on timers to make their use look more spontaneous. Having a car parked at their rental home is also a plus; they might consider taking a shuttle or taxi to the airport or train station.

Stay healthy
Visiting or hosting family and friends is a wonderful way to mark the holidays. Whether your residents are the ones traveling or they’re greeting those from out of town, encourage them to get plenty of rest, eat well, stay warm and wash their hands frequently to prevent the onset of viruses that spread during this time of year. Regular exercise and dietary supplements can also help increase the body’s strength and resistance to infection.

Be with others
For many of us who can’t be with family and friends during the holidays, the season can be a chilly and dismal one. Why not share encouragement and a few creative ideas on how to spend time with other people at this time of the year? Residents might benefit by making new friends while joining in community events, church gatherings, or neighborhood get-togethers, or by doing volunteer work to brighten the holiday for others.

Help your residents practice rental home safety this holiday season. By providing helpful tips on how to manage some of the challenges of the season, they will know that you care, and you’ll have more peace of mind for your properties, as well.

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