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By Amber

A sense of community offers a variety of benefits that can improve your renting bottom line. Making sure that services are provided and promoted can make community members more willing to stick around, living in harmony with you and their fellow residents.

Check out these ideas.

Easy payment
Making it easy for residents to pay their rent is a great way to benefit both them and you. Whether you have an online account pay option or a service that assists with collection on a given day of the month, say, taking the guesswork out of the process helps ensure that you receive rents on time.

You can provide incentives for online payment by reminding residents that they can track their own payment history and schedule automatic payments, giving them more control over when their money is received.

Providing fast repair help for maintenance issues that fall under a landlord’s responsibilities (and ready referrals for items not covered under the lease agreement) are important ways to make your residents feel they are cared for in your community.

Create an easy process for them to contact either you or an on-site manager to handle repair issues.

Scheduled yard maintenance and regular updates of seasonal plants are great ways to make your residents feel that they live in a well-cared-for community. Be sure to update information about landscaping changes on your social media stream, as well; note storm clean-up days or warm- and cold-weather plantings, for instance.

Social gatherings
Nothing builds community like a get-together. Be sure that regular gatherings are a part of life for your residents, whether you hold a monthly movie night, a book club, potluck dinners, cookouts or poolside parties. Post times and dates on your social media page, and place fliers around the community to get maximum turnout.

Be a presence
Creating community also comes from showing your face or the face of your manager to residents. An absentee landlord or manager says that the needs of the residents will be dealt with at a time that is convenient for management, rather than right when residents need help.

Residents also like to feel that their landlord or manager cares about them personally and takes an interest that is not just about dollars and cents. Being a presence shows that you know who your residents are and what they care about, a sure way of creating a better sense of community.

Communicate well
Keeping up a regular form of communication with your residents also helps connectedness. Whether you choose to use email, telephone, social media or personal visits, keeping your community members up to date on everything from changes in policies to upcoming events will let them know you care.

There are many ways to build a sense of community for your rental home residents. Consider what would make you feel at home in a rental property, and go from there. Follow the guidelines above and add your own ideas to make residents happy that they live right where they do!

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