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By Amber

Rentals continue to hold ever-growing advantages over home ownership for more and more Americans across the country. But what kind of rental home is most desirable for these residents?

Read on for ways to show your prospective residents that a rental home is the way to go!

Space, space, space
Having an entire structure to oneself is certainly the greatest advantage of renting a house over an apartment. In your marketing materials, emphasize the space and resulting privacy of your property. No sharing walls and common areas with noisy or nosy neighbors, as residents would in an apartment space. Home renters can grill out, receive their mail, and come and go as they please without necessarily having to share the experience with other residents.

Many home renters also enjoy the benefit of an exclusive yard area, front and back. Depending on how much leeway you want to give residents with landscaping, you can encourage them, in your marketing, to plant flowers or vegetables in this yard space. They can watch the stars or the birds, and entertain friends and family in the privacy of their own space — indoors and out!

No more parking wars
Finding a parking space, especially in an apartment community without reserved parking for residents’ cars, can take up a lot of time and energy for renters. Be sure to play up the convenience of being able to park in your own driveway and offer parking space for guests, too!

In some urban areas, apartment renters are willing to pay extra for a parking space or to rent one in a nearby garage. Remind single-family renters that having their own parking space waiting for them can be a money-saver, as well!

Major maintenance falls to the landlord
Remind your prospective residents that renting a home equals the space and independence of home ownership, minus the burden of significant repairs. No need to reroof, replace water heaters, fix plumbing or wiring problems, or maintain or cut down troublesome trees. In short, your renter can be king of the castle without the worries of large repairs.

Mortgage-free means carefree
Another great advantage to renting a home is that renters receive the advantages of living in the style and location they desire without having to worry about selling that home when it’s time to move. The ups and downs of the market aren’t their concern or responsibility. They get the best of home ownership without the potential heartache of losing money in a major investment.


It’s not too hard to come up with and share all the advantages of renting a home. Just make sure you remind prospective residents in your marketing efforts of all of the plusses, spelling out the upsides of the rental home choice with absolute clarity!

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