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Rental's Tips, Renter's Corner

By Amber

Congratulations on your new rental home! Now that the movers have left and the furniture is arranged, we have some ideas that will help you get comfortable quickly in your new nest.

Unpack it all
Nothing says ‘not quite settled in’ like boxes that still haven’t been opened. Of course, you want to make an extra effort to unpack and organize every single thing that’s coming into your home right away. If you encounter a box, however, that you truly can’t make yourself sort, place today’s date on it. If in one year you still have not opened the box, everything in it needs to be thrown out, donated or sold.

Have a housewarming party
A party to celebrate your new home and show all your friends and family where you now live is a great way to settle in. Don’t underestimate the power of a first dinner party or any kind of gathering that lets you eat, drink and chat with the people you care about in your new surroundings. And perhaps the most powerful aspect of a housewarming party is that it forces you to pull your new household together before your guests arrive!

Plant something
Adding a living thing inside or, perhaps, outside your home is a symbolic way of claiming your new ground. Unless your lease specifies that you cannot add to the current landscaping, you might plant a tree, flowers or an entire garden to officially begin your time as caretaker of your new home.

Don’t wait to get settled in to your new rental home. No matter how busy day-to-day life is, take these simple steps, and whichever others work for you, to make your new home feel like it from the start.

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