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By Amber

Creating the right lighting in your rental home can make all the difference in how comfortable you feel there. Here are some illuminating tips to help you achieve the atmosphere you want at home.

Tone down the overheads
Make a habit of turning off the overhead lights in your rooms if they’re just too bright or harsh. In the kitchen or office, you may need extra light, but in other rooms, let softer lighting set the scene.

Use lamps
Rather than depending on overhead lights, use table or floor lamps instead. Install lower-watt bulbs for extra light coverage without glare. Choose brighter wattage bulbs for lamps near your favorite reading spot, however.

Night lights in bathrooms add a warm touch. If you have the counter space, you can use a small lamp or vintage table-top nightlight in your bathroom.

Accent lighting
Though traditional wall sconces are wired through the walls, you can get the same effect more easily by hanging accent lights (with your landlord’s approval) near your sofa or entertainment center. (Cover any exposed cords with furniture.)

These lights can create a warm and elegant atmosphere. You could also hang picture lights to show off framed treasures. You might dispense with cords all together by using battery-powered accent lights!

Go for style
While creating the light you love for your rental home, make the lighting itself a star attraction.

Don’t just grab any old lamp for your home. Seek out the most interesting designs you can find. Scour thrift and antique stores for old lamps.

And don’t be afraid to buy a great-looking lamp that doesn’t work. If you get a good price on it, your purchase will be worth taking to a specialist for rewiring. With a little extra trouble, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece that will give light while being the center of conversation.

Lighting is associated with home more than any other image: think of the candle in the window. When it comes to banishing the shadows in your rental home, opt for warm tones and stylish lamps to light your way from morning to night.

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