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By Amber

Families with children are often excellent candidates for renting a home. Check out these tips to place your best foot forward and make your property properly desirable for a renting family.

Highlight new features
Have you made updates or renovations to your rental home? If you have added new appliances, recently fixed the HVAC or replaced the carpet, mention this in your rental home description.

Talk about space
If your rental home has a bonus room or an extra bedroom, be sure to advertise these features. Families need plenty of space for children and pets. Don’t forget to mention space outside the rental home, as well. An attached yard might be just the thing that seals the deal with a young, active family.

Sell the neighborhood
Mention what makes your area a great place to live. Is it safe? Is it quiet? Are there kid-friendly amenities nearby, such as parks and green spaces? All of these factors could be potential selling points.

Clean house
A young couple with children will be concerned with how hygienic a house is; you must prepare and clean your rental home from top to bottom. If necessary, hire a cleaning service to make sure that the house is spotless when prospective residents come to visit.

Keep it simple
This might be a young family’s first time renting a rental home, so do your best to address their concerns and calm any fears they might have about the process. Walk them through what they can expect about the lease and the responsibilities of renting a home. Make them feel comfortable with the idea of being renters.

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