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By Amber

Parking is often a problem for homes located in congested areas. Problematic parking can be seriously frustrating, especially when you’re in a hurry or it’s late at night. When parking is a repeated difficulty, it can feel like you spend so much time looking for it that you might as well walk!

Read on for some ways to overcome parking headaches around your rental home.

Know the streets
Every neighborhood has its own set of traffic patterns. When you get the opportunity, drive around yours during different times of the day and night to see which streets have more, or at least some, empty parking spaces. Knowing the traffic pattern might help you decide when to come and go for best access.

There might be certain businesses that tend to offer up more street space after hours, or residences that have parking in front if you get in early enough at night. Some small streets that are narrow or steep might scare off less courageous parallel parkers and could offer up a steady stream of spaces for the intrepid driver.

Look out for street cleaners
In many cities, street cleaning requires drivers to move their cars before specific times on certain days. Failure to do so will lead to tickets and possible towing. Be sure to check the signs near your parking space when you leave your car to know how long it can stay there.

Rent a space
It might sound extravagant, but if you have to have a car and parking is sparse in your neighborhood, you might consider renting a space in a nearby lot, deck or residential garage. In cities with parking shortages, many residents are happy to rent an available space, especially if they get around using transit.

Ditch the auto
Of course, the ultimate parking solution is to get rid of your car. Consider how much time, money and aggravation might be saved if you didn’t have to worry about maintaining a car and parking it, not just at your home, but the many other places in a city where parking is at a premium. If you can access public transportation or ride a bike, one of those methods could be the work-around you’ve been seeking.

What can you do with a car when you can’t find a parking space? If you’re like many frustrated drivers, it may feel tempting to just leave yours in the middle of the street and hope for the best! With some strategy, planning and patience, however, you just may be able to conquer a parking shortage in your neighborhood.

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