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By Jennifer

Having a party in your rental home is an opportunity to introduce your friends to your new place and a great way to settle into the neighborhood. Follow these tips to help ensure that the entertaining you do is an occasion that makes both you and your neighbors happy you’re living there.

Meet the neighbors

Having a party in your rental home is a great chance to meet the people around you. There may be neighbors you have met casually while moving in or seen while out in your yard. Now is the time to approach them to introduce yourself and let them know that you will be throwing a party. Inviting neighbors to join the fun is a warm way to welcome them to your home and to show yourself as a tenant who wants to be invested in the neighborhood. Even if a neighbor declines your invitation, you will have let them know you are friendly and given them some notice that there will be people over at your house for the event. There are few better ways to meet a large number of people in an area than to host a block party for your neighborhood’s residents. You might even create fliers advertising your outdoor get-together. Your neighbors will likely be impressed by your community spirit.

The guest list

Like any good party, the one you have at your rental home needs invited guests. If you won’t be inviting the entire neighborhood, decide carefully who will be on the guest list. It’s a good idea to limit the number of people you invite to an amount you can easily manage in your home. As host, you’ll be responsible for your guests’ activities in and around your home, so keep the party small enough that you can keep up with your host or hostess responsibilities easily.

 Plan ahead

If you have limited parking in your neighborhood, you’ll want to help your guests (and spare your neighbors) by notifying invitees ahead of time about the best places to park,  cautioning against taking spaces that are designated for residents only. You’ll also want to encourage your guests to congregate in areas that won’t disturb neighbors who aren’t attending. If you’re having an outdoor party, for instance, gather the seating in an area that is close to your house and not right next to a neighbor’s yard.

 Mind the music and loud conversation

If you’ll be playing music outside your home, be sensible about it. Live music might be a lot of fun if your party is early enough in the day, but be mindful of the noise: your neighbors might not appreciate amplified tunes played right next to their homes! If you are interested in having a band play your party, consider an unplugged set or a mellow musical genre that might please the neighborhood at large, as well as your guests. Monitor volume levels carefully, and make sure you cut off any kind of outdoor music early enough to be polite. 10 p.m. is generally considered a civilized ending time on a Friday or Saturday night.

 Know your friends

The friends and guests who visit you are your ambassadors, whether you know it or not. Your neighbors may well scrutinize the way they are treated, so don’t give them cause to be critical. Make sure the people you invite over are friends you want to be associated with who will treat your neighbors with respect. Entertaining in your rental house is one of the best ways to make it feel like your home. With the proper planning and thoughtfulness, your neighbors won’t even know your party is happening (unless they’re part of it), and will be glad that such a considerate tenant has moved into their neighborhood.

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