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By Amber

As a real estate professional, you know there isn’t a better selling point for a rental property than a great location. But can you leverage your property’s prime location to potential renters? We’ve got tips to help you play up what may be your property’s most marketable advantage.

For urbanites
Young and/or single renters tend to look for convenience and glamour when it comes to their living location. They will want to know how close the property is to restaurants, gyms, clubs and shopping destinations. Generation Y tenants are all about places to socialize, so if your rental offers lots of space to enjoy, as well, be sure to highlight that front and center in your marketing materials.

The view
Does your property deliver a stunning vista over the downtown area, a quaint old street, a river that runs through town, or the rolling hills of a golf course? If so, make that a central part of your marketing for the property. What your prospective residents can see through the windows is a massive selling point, so don’t fail to play up the view.

Recreational pluses
If you have a beachfront property or one with quick access to any body of water, skiing or hiking, your location already says it all. In your marketing, talk about the specific benefits your property’s particular location delivers. The closer and more convenient to the natural world and recreational life, the better!

Appeal to families
For those with kids, a property that is in a safe, low-traffic area, convenient to services such as schools, libraries, parks and grocery stores is a real plus. If your location offers safe places to play and access to kid-friendly places, put those essentials up front in your marketing.

Don’t forget the weather
If you live in a place with mild, year-round weather, talk it up! Your rental home’s outdoor spaces have become key: the back patio, screened-in porch or veranda represent valuable living space, not just places to grab a quick breath of air.

With all the things your property has going for it, a star location could be the most important angle. Be sure to let potential renters know about its location as you work to rent the property!

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