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By Jennifer

If an emergency were to occur at your rental home, would you know who to contact and how to reach them? Be sure that you have a handle on who to contact well before you need to reach these services in an emergency situation.

 Make a phone list

In case of emergency, you might not want to have to search through smartphone apps to find a phone book. And what if your Internet service is down? It is a good idea to make a physical list of the phone numbers you would need in a hurry and keep this list in a central place in your home, near a phone.

 Include numbers for your local hospital, poison control hotline, police, and fire department. Also, list your doctors’ and your insurance carriers’ telephone numbers. If you were to lose power, water, gas, cable or Internet service, you’d need to be able to contact those businesses to report the outage and find out when service might be restored. You’ll also want to have contact information handy for your landlord or rental management company.

 Create an action plan

If you have a family, consider making an emergency plan that will let you all know where to meet and how to reach each other should something catastrophic happen. It will include social security numbers and medical information for each member, as well as school phone numbers and evacuation locations.

 Include phone numbers for out-of-town relatives, as well as places that family members frequent, in case you need to locate them there in an emergency. Keep a copy of the plan in your emergency kit, and list key information on wallet cards that each family member can carry with him or her.

 Once an emergency hits, there’s no more time to prepare. Before you need it, assemble contact information for all the people, services and businesses you may need to contact if a disaster – illness, injury, storm, flood, fire or earthquake — were to hit your rental home.

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