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Just for Property Managers

By Amber

Landlords can get away with having a little vacation fun — just like anybody else!

Follow these vacation preparation tips to keep your peace of mind and leave your landlord thoughts behind as you travel.

Find a property sitter
You will need someone to be on call to take care of your rental properties while you are on vacation. Choose a trusted, responsible, preferably experienced friend or another landlord to be the one to take care of any business that might come up while you are away.

Make a landlord’s box
Make sure that you give your replacement rental property manager all the support, items and information they will need to handle a situation that might arise in your absence.

Make a landlord box. In this box, place items that will help your friend or fellow landlord do your job, such as:

  • An envelope for each rental property containing keys and the resident’s name and contact information.
  • A list of repair professionals that you trust to make repairs if something breaks.
  • Money for incidentals such as minor upkeep or repairs that need to be made while you are gone.
  • Contact information where you can be reached on vacation.

Let your tenants know you will be gone
Contact your residents before you leave and let them know you will be going on vacation. You don’t have to let them know where you are going or how to reach you, but you should give them the contact information of the person in charge of your rental properties while you are away.

Finish any projects
Plan ahead so that all projects for your rental properties are done before you leave on your vacation. You don’t want to leave anything for your replacement landlord to complete or leave anything hanging over your head to finish when you return. This will cause you to worry during your vacation (and you don’t want that!)

You work hard, and you’ve earned a break! With some simple planning, you can take a vacation and have peace of mind that your rental properties are running smoothly in your absence.

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