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By Amber

When the budget to refurbish your rental property is modest, look for small, reasonable projects to improve your property’s appeal. We’ve collected some easy, lower-price ways to make it look like you’ve spent a lot of money to keep your property looking good.

Look at it with strangers’ eyes
It’s easy to become blind to the drawbacks of a rental property. For true perspective, walk through the door and see your rental home as if it were brand new to you. Pretend you are a prospective renter who wants the most for his money and will pass up a place that shows obvious signs of wear. Scrutinize the walls, floors and lighting fixtures. Look under the sink for potential leaks, look at the grout in the shower and check ceiling fan blades for dust. You might immediately notice the things that are amiss. If you have to look hard, it’s a good sign: your prospective tenants may have a difficult time finding fault, too.

Perk up the color
Regardless of what you uncovered on your role-playing walkthrough, one of the quickest and least expensive ways to spruce up your place is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Consider painting a single accent wall in a strategic location, such as the living or dining room. Your effort to update the property’s look will encourage prospective renters that other aspects have been updated, too.

If yours is a furnished rental property, invest a little money in window coverings, bed linens and rugs that offer vivid, but tastefully-coordinated colors. You don’t need to go broke to add fabric accents you clearly chose with care to create a put-together look.

Jazz up small fixtures
A quick trip to the home improvement store can net you a fool-proof trick that will help make your property look up-to-date and cared for. Switch plates, outlet covers, lighting fixtures, vent covers and ceiling fans can easily reveal a property’s age, even when you’ve taken the trouble and expense to replace the big stuff. Go through your property and replace discolored plates, rusted vent covers, and fans that are imbalanced or otherwise worn out.

You could also replace outdated sinks (and/or faucets) with stainless steel versions — a reasonably-priced upgrade with a luxury punch.

Create a hospitable entryway
When prospective renters walk up to your property for the first time, they may have to linger at the front entrance while the realtor gets the door open. Make sure what they see while they’re there is pleasing.

Check for peeling paint, rusty metal fixtures, and loose bricks or stairs. Your entryway sets the tone for your property, so make sure it is spic and span, with a few healthy potted plants in nice pots and everything in good repair.

Similarly, if you don’t have the time to maintain your property’s yard, invest in someone who can; it’s vital that a renter’s first look from the street include a well-cared-for lawn.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your property rental-ready. Be inventive by focusing on the details that renters notice, and you’ll create a powerfully positive impression of your property.

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