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By Amber

To the single man, a place of his own represents a mythic adventure and a rite of passage. Whether you are about to rent your first man cave or have decided to decorate your rental home just the way you’ve always wanted, we’ve got some ideas to get you going.

Enter the modern age
Whether or not you love “Mad Men,” there’s no denying that 60’s modern is the sleekest look going in bachelor decor. Think rich and muted colors mixed and matched with bold, geometric patterns, nubby fabrics, and spare lines.

Daybeds are the perfect piece of living room furniture for your bachelor haven. They can work as a comfy sofa/bench or an instant bed for guests, while delivering style in spades. Low-slung coffee tables in kidney shapes or with tapered lines and legs are a perfect accompaniment.

Consider doing away with the huge TV. If you go more petite, you may be able to fit your television on or in a stylish credenza or buffet, skipping the clunky, outmoded traditional entertainment center. With your mp3 player and/or smart phone as your tuner, you can keep the music playing through unobtrusive speakers with big sound.

Be selective in the kitchen
Maybe you’re the next Jamie Oliver — or perhaps the only time you interact with your kitchen is to work the coffee maker. If you tend toward the latter, don’t outfit your kitchen with things you won’t use. Invest in a great-looking coffee or espresso maker and a killer toaster. Think retro and chrome for your select pieces, and you won’t need many other accessories to make a good impression in the kitchen.

Stirred or shaken
Cocktail culture remains bachelor-esque, so your pad won’t be complete without a nod in that direction. Even if you don’t drink, you will want to have some kind of bar paraphernalia in your home, from the modest to over the top. The accoutrements of drinking — from heavy cocktail shakers and pitchers to silver ice buckets — offer great decorative impact, even if they don’t get used very often.

Clutter isn’t cool
One thing you want to think about as you prepare for the ultimate bachelor statement is that a guy with too much stuff dilutes his decor statement. How can you pack a stylish punch when you have piles of books and papers on every surface, competing with dust-gathering knick-knacks?

Take time to get rid of everything but the essentials. Ask yourself if you love it, use it or have put it to work in the last six months. Follow this advice and you’ll ultimately have cleaner closets, cupboards and shelves.

Peace in the bedroom
If a man’s home is his castle, his bedroom should be the most serene spot of the stronghold. Spring for good quality sheets, a comforter and a duvet with a classic pattern or tasteful color. Choose something understated for your bed frame, with a little touch of elegance.

Add a few key pieces on the walls like a steampunk-styled clock, something nautical or perhaps a vintage travel poster. Some things — like a sense of adventure — never go out of bachelor style.

Ready to create the perfect man cave? Remember that you don’t have to be grungy to be masculine. Let your bachelor pad reflect the things you care about, while delivering the sense of style that your buddies and dates will be talking about long after they’ve gone home.

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