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By Amber

When you make home rental easier for your residents, you make it easier on yourself, as well. Check out these landlord tips to capitalize on tactics that cut your workload and your vacancy rate without quite so much effort on your part!

Calls to action (CTAs)
This basic marketing tenet may seem self-evident, but are you putting CTAs everyplace you can? Remember that encouraging your prospective residents to contact you immediately — which you achieve by providing ready access to your phone, email and other coordinates — helps convert an interested rental seeker into your next resident, rather than letting them surf off into the sunset.

Make your rental efforts deliver by checking that every post about your vacant properties on Twitter, Facebook, your website and all other social media platforms you employ includes these CTAs, with details on how to reach you fast.

Research key words
The easier your listings are to find, the higher your hits will be from your prime clients. Take some time to research the key words and phrases related to your rental business and your property types. Determine what people type into their browsers when they search for college housing, luxury housing, vacation properties or whichever types of properties you offer. Play up your location and/or features so that prospective residents looking for that aspect of a property can make a beeline to yours.   

Make it simple to share
You want potential residents to like your social media and share it with others who might be looking for just the property you’re offering. With that in mind, make sure you have share buttons visible on your website/blog so that your listings can be easily emailed, posted via platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even pinned via Pinterest.

Incentivize your vacation rates
One easy way to heat up your vacation rental efforts is to post a rate chart that shows your high- and low-season pricing, and then offer specials that clearly provide a significant discount. You can take a blanket percentage off a stay via a time-sensitive special, or throw in a free night for so many nights paid at full price. However you decide to promote your special rate, be sure to provide the expiration date to motivate your clients to hurry up and book!

Start with the easy fixes to achieve maximum bang for your rental efforts. If, as a property manager, these practices seem like too much to keep track of, you might find it’s time to hire someone who will help you. However you arrange it, adopting these tactics will make it look easy to keep your properties rented!

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