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By Amber

Tech-savvy residents — especially those who are younger — expect to be fully connected just about everywhere they go. Are you ready to accommodate their needs with the latest innovations in your rental properties?

Read on for some of the mod cons that your next crop of renters will likely expect.

More bandwidth
Many young renters may be coming straight from their parents’ homes or a college environment. They are used to speed when it comes to Internet connections for browsing and streaming video. Wireless connectivity is a given in the lives of many renters and is considered as necessary as laundry facilities.

Be sure that your properties are ready to accommodate with high-speed wireless access. You might equip your rental property with docking stations for handheld devices, as well as wiring extra outlets for laptops in every room.

Go paperless
Make sure that all of the information about your properties is available on your website, Facebook page, real estate apps and via QR (Quick Response) codes.

But that’s just to start. You’ll also want to banish all your property-related paperwork to the filing cabinet in the sky; it’s time to go paperless. Make your lease agreements and even payment options digital. Some renting communities are even installing kiosks where residents can pay rent and access classifieds to buy and sell furniture in their local community, for instance.

When considering the market of younger renters, think connectivity. Consider the features of your rental properties that will help younger residents do things easier, faster, and digitally.

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