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By Amber

Modern renters, especially younger ones, expect certain high-tech options in a rental property. Depending on the demographic and rental price you’re shooting for, you could include many of these amenities and build their cost into your rental fee structure. Read on for some of the high-tech possibilities that could bring you the renters you want most. 

High-speed wireless, or bust!

Today’s modern rental home is expected to let residents use their devices wirelessly. Internet access, audio systems and televisions all have the ability to talk to each other without unsightly cords, and residents expect this convenience. 

All of that data and streaming media requires bandwidth. Make sure that the Internet access in your rentals is fast enough to keep up with the competition. 

How does it sound?

Younger, tech-savvy residents love the latest music, movies and multimedia and want to hear them in symphonic proportions. Find out about wiring your properties with surround-sound so that your high-tech residents can hear all of their favorite shows and movies in multidimensional wonder. 

Remote control…everything!

These days, smart residences include all the mod cons on one digital keypad, programmable from any room, computer or smart phone. You don’t have to go crazy with remote control options to offer some enticing options to your renters, but you might consider going above the usual. 

Remote control entries are common to many rental communities, as are remote control ceiling fans. You can go more high-tech with the option of remote control lights and thermostats. You can also wire up video and audio systems to work from a remote. 

While you’re at it, you might consider the option of automating appliances, lights, thermostats, window coverings, phone, computer, entertainment and security systems together into a truly “smart” rental home. This type of configuration only makes sense for properties that demand a rent high enough to recoup the costs of setting up such a system. If your residents can afford to pay for it, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to what can be controlled remotely.

There’s no denying the march of technology and the expectation among future residents that their homes will provide it. If you want to capture affluent and young renters, consider giving them as many high-tech amenities as you can afford to provide.

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