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By Jennifer

There is no way around it; an organized home is easier to live in. But getting your rental home organized and maintaining that level of organization can feel like a challenge. If you are done with the headaches of looking for things and tired of piles of unsorted belongings, follow this easy-to-follow method of getting your rental home together.

De-clutter your belongings

The fact is, the less you have, the less there is to organize. It’s a simple truth and one that is simply arrived at with some determination.

When you do your first pass through the various rooms in your house, put everything where you think it should belong. In the process you’ll come across items that need to be thrown away, recycled, sold or given to friends or charities.

Once you’ve sorted the items that have been floating around your home, it’s time to go deeper — into closets, drawers, on shelves, under beds and into the garage or carport. Go one room at a time, creating “keep,” “donate/sell” and “toss” piles. After everything is sorted, throw away the trash, sell or donate what you don’t need and put everything else away.

Organizing systems

There are a variety of organizing methods that you can find in books, television shows and online. The most important aspect of all of them is how practical it is for your particular life style and daily habits.

Do you have kids? You’ll need a method that they can learn too. Do you live alone? That may give you the opportunity to use a method that is very customized for the way you think. Whatever method you choose needs to be intuitive on some level so that you and those you share your house with will want to use and can easily remember where everything goes.

Organizing tools

In addition to having less stuff, procuring bins, trays, shelves, racks and bags to store everything in will complete your strategy. Look to use every surface of your home for its potential storage capacity. That will include the backs of cabinet and closet doors, your closet’s hanging rod (great for hanging shelves and shoe bags), the ceiling (pot racks), your walls for shelves and under your bed. Be sure to check with your landlord before installing anything that can’t be removed without leaving mounting holes behind.

Pace yourself

Organizing your home won’t happen overnight. Work steadily, but don’t burn yourself out. Put on some music or a movie for background and get into your work.  Consider dividing the work over several days, between weekends or organize over a holiday break.

Are you ready to kiss the chaos of your messy home behind? Start with the confidence of knowing that you can tame the mess and keep it coming from back! Purge the stuff, pace yourself and use a system that makes sense to you. Soon you’ll be such an organizing pro, you can help your neighbors get their homes in order!

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