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By Amber

Are you proud of the home you’ve made? Why not host a party to show off your rental home?

Don’t let party planning stress you out and keep you from sending those invites. Check out these party planning ideas, and get the good times rolling!

Set up a spread
The best way to plan a party in your rental home is to, well, have a plan. Most people limit their fiesta footprint to the kitchen, dining and living room. But hey, you’ve got a whole house. Make the most of it!

Jot down a list of all the rooms in your home (except maybe the bathroom), and then figure out a way to spread out your party to include a little fun in every location. Appetizers in the foyer, a bar in the bedroom, desserts in the laundry room: anything goes. Push your party plans to the limit by surprising your guests with a mini-party in every room.

Max out
Not only do rental homes offer great indoor space, but they often sport awesome outdoor areas. Take your shindig outside with a theme that suits the great outdoors.

There are many cool party themes that make great use of a backyard or patio. Live it up with a luau that features tiki torches in the yard or an Easter Island chiminea.

String lights are a worthwhile investment when you are renting a house; they look great on a back deck. Opt for classic white globe lights that can be used year-round. (Though nothing says “hey, we’re having a hoedown” like cowboy boot party lights!)

And who says game night is indoors-only? Plan a lawn party and set up lazy lawn games like badminton, croquet or horseshoes.

Let the neighbors in
Finally, let’s get to the #1 item that needs to be on your party planning checklist. Let your neighbors in on the action. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to invite them all, though that’s nice if you want to. But you should at least let them know in advance that you will be having a party. Give them fair warning that there may be extra cars on the street or a little noise. Be sure you give them your phone number so they can keep in touch.

The main rule to planning a great house party in your rental home is to have fun! Invite your friends over to enjoy your great space, and include every inch of it in your party plan.

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