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By Amber

If you’re searching for a rental home that makes living with a disability easier, you’ll likely find more choices now than in years past. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, read on for some of the top amenities to look for in the perfect property.



The number one issue for many disabled people is ease of access at home. From entranceways to bathroom doorways and overall layout, there are a number of items to consider for what constitutes an accessible space.


In a prospective rental home you’ll want to check doorway widths and ramps that allow ease of wheelchair use, as well as low counters and low toilets with grip bars. Some newer homes and condos for rent may also offer elevator use between different levels of the home. Baths and showers are also hard to navigate for those with vision impairment or mobility issues. Here again, grip bars are key, as are built-in seats for showers. Thermostats and lighting controls can be difficult to manipulate for those in wheelchairs unless controls are positioned lower on walls.



Service dogs are indispensable helpers for those with a variety of disabilities. If you live with a seeing-eye or therapy dog, ensure that the rental you’re considering is pet-friendly, perhaps with a fenced yard.



If the other disability-friendly aspects of your prospective rental house are in place, you’ll also want to pay close attention to how well the property is maintained. Does the landlord or property manager seem responsive and appropriately helpful? You’ll want to know, before you move in, that reasonable services you might need assistance with will be accommodated.


There’s a lot to consider when looking for a disability-friendly rental, but more properties offer these amenities than ever before. If you’re using a realtor or property management company to guide your search, tell them exactly what your needs are before you begin the hunt so they can pull up appropriate properties quickly. Search, as well, selecting “Handicap Accessible” under “Property Features” to refine your search.

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