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By Amber

When guests come to stay at your home, make them feel welcome with a space that’s meant just for them. We’ll share a few tips to help ensure your visitors enjoy their time with you — and rave about your talents as a host or hostess!

Private sleeping area
One of the greatest courtesies you can show visitors is to provide a space of their own where they’ll feel at home. You may have a dedicated guest room in your rental home, but, if not, you’ll want to make sure the space where your overnight guests stay is as private as possible. If you’re using a sofa bed in the living room, for example, try to reroute household traffic so that it doesn’t cut through the room when your guests are there. If you do have a dedicated room for guests, choose one with a private bathroom, if possible.

Your guest bed doesn’t have to be a traditional one to be appropriate and comfortable. A comfortable futon, daybed or convertible sofa will work fine and also allow you to use the room for non-guest purposes, such as for reading or crafts, at other times.

Guest linens
Having guests come to stay is your opportunity to be an hotelier in your own home. Go all out with your guest linens, being sure to place fresh, clean sheets on the bed before they arrive. Put a blanket appropriate to the season on the bed, with an extra one folded across the bottom in case either winter temperatures or air conditioning leave your guests chilly. 

Make sure your guests have easy access to towels by neatly bundling everything they will need and placing in the guest room. Two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths per guest is a good general rule.

Clearing space
If your guests will be sharing bathroom space, clean out a drawer or counter area for them. The closet or cabinet your guests will be using should be empty and welcoming, as well. Keep a few quality hangers standing by for your guests’ wardrobe.

Thoughtful extras
In the bathroom, you might fill a small basket with high-quality soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues and perhaps shampoo or moisturizer to make your guests feel extra welcome. Do you have a plush robe? You can give your guests the five-star treatment by pinning nametags and hanging them in the bathroom or closet to let them know these garments are meant for their use.

Instead of mints for the pillow, how about a high-quality chocolate bar or some other delicious treat in an attractive bedside basket?

For even more extra-special treatment, jazz up desk space in your guest area with nice stationary, pens, stamps and perhaps local guidebooks, printed menus of restaurants you’d like your guest to try or sight-seeing brochures.

You don’t have to wait for word from a family member or friend that they’ll be coming for a visit. Implement these guest-friendly strategies now and you’ll be ready to host visitors with a moment’s notice!

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