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By Amber

From time to time, your residents might want to hold a yard sale in the rental home you manage. These sales are a good way to make money and keep old junk from cluttering up your rental property.

Before your residents hold a yard sale, you might want to share a few guidelines for them to follow to protect your property and your reputation around the neighborhood.

Here are a few hints to help you guide your rental home residents to a safe and successful yard sale.

Know and follow HOA guidelines
If the neighborhood in which your rental property is located has a homeowners association (HOA), that HOA may have regulations regarding yard sales. Make sure that you find out what those rules are (what times you can hold a yard sale, and which days, for instance) and that your residents are informed of the guidelines. Also, your residents should be aware of local, state or federal laws that apply to yard sales. For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has deemed it illegal to sell any product that has been recalled, including toys and recreational items.

Hold the yard sale at reasonable hours
Even if your rental property’s neighborhood does not have an HOA, you will still want to encourage your residents to hold their yard sale during reasonable hours, say, between nine and five. The noise of buyers haggling over goods in the wee hours of the morning might disturb neighbors, after all. Share with residents that that signage must be appropriate and must list the start and end times of the sale.

Use ‘keep off the lawn’ signs
Although one person walking through the yard would not be a big deal, a day’s worth of yard sale buyers might eventually do some damage. You might provide “Please keep off the lawn” signs and have your residents post them so they are clearly visible around the rental property. This will help protect delicate landscaping efforts.

Put it in the lease
Because there are so many concerns to address when residents hold yard sales, you might consider adding these ideas into your rental leases. You might also require prior permission from residents before a yard sale is held. These extra efforts should help protect your property and liability, hopefully limiting the chances of anything going wrong.

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