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Rental's Tips, Renter's Corner

By Amber

Sharing rental space with a roommate may mean more space for less money, or perhaps the chance to live in a great location that you couldn’t afford on your own.

Sharing, however, has its own rules and regulations. To keep your household running smoothly, read on for a few tips on cohabitation with a roommate.

Be clear on the rules

Before you move in together, sit down with your roommate to talk about living habits. Establish your expectations of how you will divide space and expenses. Decide at the beginning of your lease period what your exact split will be on rent and utilities, and who will take responsibility for submitting which payments.

There are other important details beside financial ones to consider, of course. Does one of you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who will be spending a lot of time there? Each of you needs to be okay with that arrangement. Perhaps you or your roommate have special dietary needs. Be sure to get that out in the open when you’re sharing a fridge and pantry.

Respecting each other’s requirements for a happy living space and making compromises to ensure mutual peace will be the key to a well-balanced home.

Divide the work
Most roommates have differing patience for clutter and mess. To keep the mutual peace, each of you may have to compromise a bit.

You might establish a chore schedule you both agree to. This will help ensure that order is maintained, despite different cleaning sensibilities. Each person can keep a bedroom according to his or her preferences, but make sure that the work to keep the areas you use together is shared.

Keep it light
Even among friends, it’s easy for communication to lock up. Misunderstandings followed by icy silence can make for an uncomfortable living situation for roommates. If a conflict appears, schedule a heart-to-heart with your roommate to clear the air before it’s too late to repair strained relations.

Keep relations between you and your roommate upbeat by planning occasional fun outings or get-togethers. Whether it’s a weekly poker night or a trip to the farmer’s market, spending quality time together that doesn’t involve bills or chores will go a long way toward keeping up a friendship while you’re sharing a rental house.

Enjoy the companionship and savings a roommate can provide! Make splitting your rental space a happy event for both of you by keeping the lines of communication open.

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