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By Amber

Whether you need to do a lightning-fast clean before guests arrive or just hate to spend too much time cleaning your rental home, this list will help you clean your castle in a jiffy.


Bathrooms are the bane of most house-cleaning efforts—a space that gets plenty of traffic, smells and water-related messes, from mold and mildew to hard-water spots. Follow these simple steps to make sure yours stays fresh and clean: 

  • Use disposable wipes on counters and faucets. A few shakes of scouring powder or baking soda can remove tough stains from sinks and tubs or showers. Scrub with a sponge or disposable wipe.  
  • Use another wipe on the toilet seat and base. Give the bowl a quick scrub with a toilet brush and a few drops of bleach.  
  • Wiping a Swiffer or similar pad on the floor will quickly gather lint and hair. 
  • For a deeper clean, hot water and vinegar will shine tile and linoleum floors. 
  • Squeegee your shower immediately after use and/or use a shower spray to keep mildew and soap scum from taking hold. (Keep up with this regimen and you’ll never have to pull the curtain to cover a scary shower again!) 
  • Take out the trash.


Kitchen maintenance begins before and after every meal. To make cleaning quick and easy: 

  • Clean all dishes and put away those that are dry right away. 
  • Wipe up kitchen surfaces – stovetops, counters and sinks — after each use. If food drips in a hot oven during baking or broiling, be sure to clean it up right away. 
  • Sweep your floor after each meal or do a quick clean with a hand-held vacuum. Rather than waiting to deal with trouble spots when you clean the whole floor, attack them as soon as they happen. You’ll find you have to mop the floor less often and your kitchen will look great all the time!  
  • Take the trash out as often as you can without wasting the bags. You’ll keep food odors from taking hold, as well as deterring pets or pests who might be interested in overflowing cans. 

Living room

Your living room may well be the multi-purpose space—lounge/office/dining room/library—that gets a lot of use. Stay on top of the clutter every day and do a quick once-over of all surfaces: 

  • For tables, chairs and other surfaces, make sure that movies, music and books get put away as soon as they’re used and that clothes and coats go to their proper places. 
  • Immediate remove and clean any dishes that get left behind after meals here.  
  • Sweep up food residue.  
  • Dust furniture with pre-moistened furniture wipes, an electrostatic cloth or a washable microfiber cloth.  
  • Dust all entertainment components, shelves and surfaces.  


Your inner sanctum should be a place you love to be. To keep it clean and under control: 

  • Put away clothes every day.  
  • Keep furniture surfaces clear of clutter, from perfume and picture frames to change and receipts. You’ll have less to dust and deal with. 
  • Make your bed each morning and you’ll never have to do a last-minute dash to make your bedroom presentable.  
  • Bedding can create a lot of dust, thanks to lint and comforter stuffing. Make sure that you sweep/vacuum weekly to keep the dust bunnies to a minimum.  

The surest way to do a quick clean of your rental home is to do a little bit every day. Keep a tight hold on clutter, dust and food residue, and any last-minute tidying will be a breeze.

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