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By Amber

June is the perfect time to bring summer decor and decorating themes into your rental home.

Read on as we explore some of the ways you might include just the right seasonal touches for summer!

Keep it light
Put away the dark, heavy curtains and blankets you used for winter — bring out the light colors and fabrics of summer! The hallmarks of summer decor are light and bright colors, and cheery textiles.

Lighter curtains will let in more sun, giving your rental home a nice, summer glow. Brighter colors – even accents of color — around your rental home will really make rooms seem to come alive. Experiment by incorporating blues, pinks, yellows and greens in fabrics and decorative spots around your rental home.

Go floral
One of the things people associate most often with May are blooming flowers (April showers bring May flowers). Reflect nature’s floral bounty in your decorating themes with floral prints.

Floral prints are best used as accent pieces and not as the main canvas of your rental home summer decor. You’ll find that floral designs work best for items like decorative pillows, table cloths, and bedspreads.

You can also accessorize with live flowers. A fresh bouquet can enliven your kitchen or dining room. Alstroemerias are the perfect flower for decorating. They are long lasting, inexpensive and usually easily found at local grocery stores.

Put out the welcome mat
As you spend more time outdoors in the lovely summer weather, you’ll be reminded each time you walk indoors to freshen up your welcome mat for your rental home. This will keep you from tracking the outdoors inside. Pick a welcome mat that reflects summer themes, such as birds or flowers.

First things, first
Before you make any major decorating changes to your rental home, do read your lease or talk to your landlord. You don’t want to go to all the trouble of painting or putting up wallpaper to find out that it was forbidden by your rental home lease agreement.

Make your rental house homey and inviting by adding summer decor to create just the place you want to come home to this time of year!

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