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By Amber

The right pet can make a house really feel like home. The best pets for any home are the ones that fit your lifestyle.

A practical consideration to keep in mind when choosing a pet, however, is selecting the one which is least likely to do damage to that home.

Read on for some thoughts on what makes the best companion for rental home living — especially when it comes to getting your pet deposit back someday!

Bigger isn’t always better
Big dogs are wonderful companions which often act as great protectors. They typically need a lot of space and opportunity to run and explore. Unless you have the yard space for an outside dog, consider whether a big dog might feel trapped in the confines of your rental home. Keep the specific needs of a large-breed, active canine in mind.

Think mellow
Big or small, you’ll want a pet that is low maintenance for your rental home.

A pet with a relaxed temperament is an imperative. For laid-back dog breeds, consider mastiffs and greyhounds, which are large dogs with typically-manageable energy levels.

Small dogs are often powerhouses of energy, even though they may not require as much square footage to be happy as larger breeds. A Jack Russell terrier, for instance, might tend to bounce off the walls of your rental space, but a Pekinese or Cavalier King Charles spaniel should be far more relaxed.

Overly-active, bored or lonely dogs kept indoors can equal scratched floors and doors — and bad news for your security deposit. If you want to keep a dog in your rental home, try a relaxed breed or even an older dog, and remember to take great care of that pet!

Cool cats
Cats have long been considered the ultimate house pet. A cat may not care about the great outdoors, as long as he has all the comforts of home to keep him happy.

Consider that cats can scratch household items, but are usually derailed from destruction with a good scratching post or the appropriate toys. With some consistent training — and a ready squirt gun — you can discourage cats away from habits that are bad for your rental home.

Tank dwellers
Whether you decide on an aquarium of colorful fish or a terrarium with frogs, lizards or salamanders, creatures that live in tanks — and don’t get out much — can make educational and entertaining roommates for your rental home. Be sure to learn about the specific habitat each kind of pet requires.

Birds of a feather
Pet birds can sing or talk, depending on the variety you choose. Parakeets, cockatiels, finches, canaries and African grey parrots are all popular breeds. Consider that some birds can be loud and demanding, but also entertaining company. Do your research on the habits and requirements of different types of birds before you make a choice.

Are you ready to share your rental space with an animal? If so, you’ll have lots of choices. Select a pet that fits your schedule, space and dedication. You’ll be rewarded by the comforting presence of a great friend under your rental home roof.

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