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By Amber

Take a moment to focus on what you love about your rental home. Do you enjoy these advantages?

Awesome location
Your rental home might be located in an historic neighborhood or amid brand-new lofts and exciting urban growth. Are you living in the center of town with an easy walk to virtually any convenience you might want? Or maybe you’re situated next to a park, with easy access to walking, jogging or tennis. Look around you and see what benefits your particular location offers.

Great landlord
Do you enjoy a good relationship with a landlord who gets everything done without a fuss and manages the rental property so that you don’t have to worry about it? A really supportive landlord or property manager is available for you and makes renting a breeze.

Considerate neighbors
Neighbors who don’t make noise, park in your space or let their dog make a mess in your yard just can’t be praised enough. Make a mental inventory of the people who live near you, considering the small kindnesses they show by being good neighbors.

Quirky character
Does your rental have cool built-in shelves, nice hardwoods, a stone fireplace or elegant wall molding? Embellishments that were common in a bygone era can make homes feel special and elegant, even when there are other aspects that could use some work. If yours is an older rental home, you might be living in one-of-a-kind splendor, surrounded by all the little things that just can’t be found any more in more modern homes.

A great view
When you walk out on your porch or balcony, a great view can make it all seem worthwhile. A picturesque view is a reason to have friends over, celebrate the weather or just thank your lucky stars each morning and evening.

Don’t forget all the things you love about your rental home – the details that made you move there in the first place. Remembering the benefits can give you a brand-new lease on your everyday perspective, without needing to make a single change!

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