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By Amber

What amenities do you look for to make a rental property feel like luxury accommodations?

With an over-build of vacation properties, and unsold homes and condos also being used as rentals, landlords are eager to compete in a renter’s market. In some cases, property owners are even trying to compete for hotel business by offering five-star service with more square footage.

Read on for some of the items now being offered to lure in renters looking for the good life on vacation.

Hotel-like services
It’s impossible to feel truly pampered if you have to clean up after yourself or make your own dinner reservations, right?

Many property owners have realized that if they want to compete with high-end hoteliers, they’ll have to beat them at their own game. That’s why daily maid service, concierge services, cocktail parties, on-site massage and shoe-shining services have become available at free-standing rental properties.

These items are available with a rental price to match, of course, but were once unheard of outside a hotel or resort. If you can afford the rates, why not get them with more elbow room included?

Fully-equipped kitchens
Not only do renters enjoy nice appliances in their kitchen, many have also come to expect a full spectrum of kitchen gadgets. You may find fully-stocked kitchens available for rent complete with espresso machines, juicers, waffle makers, slow cookers and a premium inventory of kitchen tools.

Many properties have also responded to renter’s luxury tastes with upscale table linens and gift baskets for their residents. Vacation renters require a sufficient supply of quality dishes (say, double the amount per person) so that they don’t have to wash them constantly throughout their stay.

Other luxuries
If you thought high-end toiletries, fluffy bathrobes and wall safes could only be found at top hotels, think again. Some vacation property management companies supply luxuries like 800-thread-count linens, along with these other items.

Would you like grocery deliveries, an airport shuttle or entertainment tickets purchased? Even smaller, mom-and-pop style rentals are getting into the act by catering to the needs of their luxury-conscious guests.

What luxuries are you looking for in a rental property that would make you choose it over another? These days, landlords are dying to know.

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